Moo meets Crabby!

For the love of Moo! Aunt Karen called early this morning and invited me to go the Jersey Shore with her and Uncly Larry. I had never been to a shore before and it sounded as if it had potential to be an excellent adventure. Our first mission was to go fishing at the dock. They told me that fishing was a quiet sport and that if I was really lucky, I might be able to catch dinner. It sounded both complex and appealing. I cast my pole and dropped a metal box jammy in the water. Then I waited. And waited. I just sat there with my pole and watched the water. Waiting takes a long time. When I pulled up my box, it had a little crab inside! Aunt Karen helped me throw it back into the water. I grabbed my net to see what I could catch next. ... I saw a big orange crab floating near the dock. He looked so cute and friendly. I decided to fish him out. Crabby took a little rest on the dock and we chatted about marine life and the . Crabby said that he would love to hang but he that he needed to stay close to water. I totally understood; we decided to go for a canoe ride. Crabby and I parted ways at dinner time. He said his mom was cooking tonight. We made plans to meet at the beach tomorrow! Mooray -- a great adventure and a new friend!

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