Christmas Morning with Moo Cow

I could hardly sleep a wink all night, and when I did snooze I dreamt of cookies -- sugar cookies, butter cookies, chocolate cookies, iced cookies, black & white cookies ... I woke up starving! I had to rush downstairs to see if Santa had eatten all of the cookies I left him. I hope his milk was still cold. HOLY SPOTS! I could hardly believe my eyes -- Santa left me rainboots and an umbrella, brella, brella, brella-- HEY, now my hooves will stay dry! And Keepie got cow boots! How cute. I am sad that there were no boots for Handsome Harry, but Santa left him electronics so he seemed very happy. I loved all of my gifts, especially my bike and skateboard. I can't wait to play outside!!!

PS: KateyCow, please note that I am the writer of that fancy tune; my Keeper may sing to you but my hooves write the words. Sweata ...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i like those coww boots lol

ps: think they will fit on my 13's lol