The Adventures of Moo Cow: Baking with Nan

Today is the best day ever -- my Nannie is coming over to bake Christmas cookies! I am so excited; I have never baked any cookie before, but I know that I love to eat them, so it should be a moomentous day all around. My cowsin Jessie and Nan are going to sleep over and we are going to make cookies tomorrow too. Handsome Harry made a great big country breakfast with pancakes (silver dollars for me :) ), soy patties and eggs so we would have susentence. How fabulous and cowsiderate of him. He is so impressive.

Nan let me work the mixer. It was soo kewl. I was able to make a lot of dough at once and use the cookie gun. It was so much fun while I was doing it but now my hooves are aching like crazy. Butter cookies are delish. We made trays and trays of them. It was incredible. Then we made sugar cookies with cookie cutters. Nan got me tiny cookie cutters so I could make bears and giraffes. I love giraffes; they are so cute. I can't wait to eat them tomoorrow!

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