Saturday in Bed

Holy Spots! What a fabulous day! I got up and had chocolate in bed with my baby bunny Betsy. I sleep with her every night. She is my favorite doll. Betsy can't eat chocolate because she is a doll, but I looove chocolates! Keeper said that I should try to budget my candy so that it lasts for four days ... I don't like budgets. I said to myself, "Moo, what would Sonic do? ... She would enjoy her chocolates!!!" :) Yum!!! I have been in bed all day watching TV and eating chocolates. I feel like a superstar!
P.S. My puppy, Saltine, can't have chocolate because she is a dog and chocolate is very bad for puppies. Please don't feed your puppy chocolate; and always practice safety first. Love, Moo


Anonymous said...

Hi Moo.
Did you eat all of that chocolate yourself! I hope you didn't get a tummyache!

Moo said...

Hiya Crabby.
My tummy just felt overstuffed. I must say it was a great day. I like to pop the chocolate in the middle so I can see the filling!!