Pure Luck -- A NYC Bull!

What a moorific way to spend a Saturday -- my keeper and Auntie Sonic took me into NYC! We went on a bus tour to see the city sights. Our tour bus driver said that the Financial Bull is a great photo-op so we popped off the bus. I was hoping he might lead me to another blue cow. Or maybe a young bull!

Our driver also said that the NY Stockbrokers used to touch the bull for luck in the 80s. For the love of Moo; I don't know if it's true... but I need all the luck I can get. So I asked my Keeper and Auntie Sonic to pose for a photo mooment.

Later in the day I saw a mooniture sized bull at a vendor stand. I thought about getting it as a moomento ... but I really didn't need it. I had $20 to spend for the day but I was sure that there were better treats to buy. I figured a photo moomery would do just fine! Bye-bye Bull!

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