Rolling Change Makes for a Cash Cow!

Monsurat could hardly believe how much change I had saved. Plus I had my secret stash of singles that totaled $38! It wasn't that I didn't spend my moola, but I tried to save more than I spent because you never knew when you were going to stumble across the perfect something to buy!

The pile of change was huge. I hoped that we had enough wrappers. Monsurat suggested putting all of the quarters into piles of $1 each and then move on to the dimes, nickels and pennies. What a moorific idea!

It took almost an hour, but we made little piles of a $1 each for all of the coins. I had $5 in dimes which was a big surprise. There were two dollars in nickels and $1 in pennies! My big surprise was that I had $20 in quarters plus all of the change still left in my purses!

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