23rd Annual Gelatin Slide Event

Today I participated in my first local event. I was tickled pink to pitch in. After all, I am a budding Long Island cowlebrity! I participated in a table with Citibank Smithaven with my new cowpals Anna and Linda. We have a lot of cowmon beliefs about moola. It was so exciting to meet all of the families that came to participate. But I was even happier to watch my balloons float in the air. As the day went on, I had to get serious about working to raise my brand awareness. I needed all of the work space I could get. I was so excited that my banner display was both flexible and mooble! I can't wait to chat with all of my new cowpals on FB. I hope that they will post pix of their cows on my fan page! Mooray!!!

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Brian said...

Hey Kimberly, the banner looks great! I'm glad Moo loved it soo much!