Working in Dallas

We were in Dallas for the Toy Show. I hung out in the window with the litter of Moolettes and greated passersby with a super smile. I wanted to show my newest creation, "The Liberty Cow", the newest Moolette to join our herd. Isn't she a cutie? She is going to be sold at Toys R Us Times Square along with my newest book -- a guide book to New York City. Last year I introduced my toy products in Dallas and one year later, I have an award winning book and plush toy as well as a retail launch at the biggest toy store in the world. Just thinking about it makes me grin; all the more reason to keep busting my hooves. Hello? Hi! Moovelous Accowmplishment!!! Especially when you think about the fact that I am only 11" long from snout to tail!

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