Holidays in Vermont!

  My family tries to spend every Thanksgiving holiday in Vermont. I love to go up and snowboard and make holiday moomeries with my Cowsins. They are all teenagers and off doing their own things so this year I was allowed to invite a friend. Harrie HipHo joined us. I was so happy to share the holiday with her; she is my best cowpal after all. We have been enjoying a lot of moovelous mooments together lately. We shared a lot of laughs. Handsome Harry and Keeper made us a little bedroom our studio in their bedroom. We brought own bed to make sure we would sleep soundly. We brought a ton of gear but since there was no snow, we only got to use our slippers and our cownoodle pals. I always sleep with my Bunny Betsy and Harrie sleeps with her her Bear Bianca. We slept very soundly!

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