It's Official -- We Shipped!!!!

MOORAY!!!! We just cowpleted our shipping to Toys R Us Times Square!!! This is possibly the hardest thing I have ever had to cowordinate. I won't lie -- I had to do all of the work. My Keeper was useless; bless her heart -- that girl can sell an Ipod to a deaf man, but she knows zilch about logistics. I don't know much more ... except to go to an expert for help. I went to my Auntie Sharon; she is an ASN/EDI guru. Without her help, I would be sunk. But with her loving touch, we were able to pull the last strings to make delivery. That means that my Liberty Cow and Moo York Adventures Book will be on shelf next week!!!
And, it is my Nanny Goose's birthday today. Talk about good luck!!!

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