Party Time!!!

Talk about a moorific evening! My Cowstume Party was a huge success! All of my cowpals dressed up and we looked moovelous. Lara Lobster and I both dressed up like Bumble Bees. I'm not surprised; it was THE cowstume of the year! Polly made a darling hula girl and Harrie was a turkey! My cowsin Carly was a fairy princess. This was the first party where I was allowed to invite boys. Monsurat MonKee was a surgeon, Gerry Girafe was the Devil and Ducky Doo was the Statue of Liberty!
We danced and snacked the night away. My flavors were spot on and my guests appreciated the hardwork I put into my snackage. If you are going to have a party you MUST be an excellent hostess and food is one of the most important factors. Decorations and music are key too; plus you should always have a party favor.
My girlfriends were allowed to sleep over. We slept away the morning; we were exhausted! This was one time that I was very happy to have bunk beds!!!

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