Thanksgiving Dinner Delights!

There was so much to do on Thanksgiving Day! I helped my Nanny cook and set the table. My Nannie Bert served us our dinner; it looked scrumdelish. Before we dug in, we took a mooment to give thanks and toasted with our orange mootinis. We felt like lovely ladies of leisure. I gave thanks for my wonderful family, my cowpals, my puppy Saltine, my bedroom and moovelous wardrobe and, of course, this moorific opportunity with Toys R Us Times Square. How could you not be thankful when  your retail dreams come true?!?!

    We made a ton of snackage for dinner. Harrie and I had an embarrassment of riches -- turkey, cranberry, stuffing, onion rice, sweet potatos with  marshmellows, brocolli rabe and garlic bread. We even made snackage for Saltine! We ate as much as we could; and there was so much leftover. We really we just sampled everything. It was a perfect snackage mooment. Saltine just passed out after two bones. There was going to be a lot of cleaning up to do!

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