I'm Published!!!

I couldn't wait to find my book at Toys R Us Times Square. Quite a few cowstumers emailed me that they couldn't fnd my "Moo York Adventures: A Bovine's Guide to New York City" at the store. Keeper and I were on a mission and we found my book on the 2nd floor book section, near the coloring books. We received moovelous shelf space -- we were near the Obama book,  New York Times Book AND the Yankees ... talk about being in good cowpany!!! You can also find my book on the 1st floor with the Liberty Cows! When you come down escalator or walk into the store, you can't miss the display. And, it is right near the main register!!! The book retails for $8.99 and the super soft Liberty Cow sells for $14.99. Please help support a local bovine and buy my product for a child you know. Smoooches!!!

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