Snowboarding in Blizzard 2009!


I could hardly believe my eyes when I woke up this morning. There was a winter wonderland outside of my house. I knew that it was supposed to snow but I had no idea that that Long Island would be blanketed!!! All I could think about was going out to play.  I could hardly wait! I grabbed my gear and got everything ready so I could go out after breakfast. It was Sunday; and Sunday means waffles or pancakes. Delish! I gobbled my waffles so I could go outside.

The snow was so deep. My puppy Saltine fell in a few times! There were huge slopes and I couldn't wait to snowboard. It was just like Vermont except no ski lift!!! I went up and down over and over and over. I flew down the slopes ... so fast that my hoof protectors blew off!!! My hooves were freezing, freezing. Luckily Saltine was there to help chase after them. She's a peach. :)

I know that snow means a lot of work for grown-ups but I was having a moovelous day and could only think of one thing to make the day better ...

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