Bodhi Wishing Tree

Today I went to Lantau Island to see the big Buddha. I wanted to say a special wish for my Nanny Goose before she had surgery on her back. I was very scared that my Nan would have an operation without me at home to be her Nursemaid. I knew that my Nan would need my special touch to make a speedy recovery; I won't lie -- I give her fabulous moosages with my hooves. But alas I am here in Hong Kong and my Nanny is in the US. They say if you make a wish under the Tree of Awakening it will come true. I made my wish for my Nan to have a speedy recowvery. My Keeper made a wish that my business becowmes very successful, which was very nice of her. Hopefully that means that I will become a global cowlebrity. Can you spy me with your little eye in the below pic?

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