Snackage by Moo -- Buffalo Chicken Bowls

I won't lie -- I absolutely love Buffalo Wings, especially after my issues with Chicken Little a few years back, but I have recently learned that they are not very healthy. I have been working on a way to make sure that I can enjoy my Buffalo and still maintain subtle spots; after all, mookini season is a just a few weeks away! Tonight is my turn to make dinner for my Keeper Kimba and Handsome Harry. It is my favorite night of the week. Well, I finally did it -- I was able to create scrumdelishness, presentation and totally healthy in one dish. Talk about a winning cowbination! We each enjoyed a moovelous Buffalo Chicken Bowl that included avocado, a lite ranch dip, crunch greens and, of course, chopped chicken! MMMmmmm ... I know it was yummers because Handsome Harry ate four of them!!! Not only did I feel a great sense of accowmplishment, but I couldn't wait to get this on the family dinner menu!

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