Snackage by Moo -- Tomato Vodka Soup and Fresh Tomato Salad

It is so cold and rainy out. I decided to make us soup for lunch. After all of the shopping I did today, I have 100 recipes running through my mind. We have our dinner party tonight with Darnets and his Keepers and I need to get focused. Tomato Vodka Soup is one of my favorite staples; I defrosted some for lunch and paired it with a tomato and feta salad. I won't lie -- it was scrumdelish! Once my belly is full, I know I will be able to cowcentrate on making a meal that is totally divine. It won't be too hard -- we bought 3 pounds of ahi tuna at whole foods today! I bet that would pair really well with my peanut chicken egg rolls ... Mmmmmm ... sounds scrumdelish! Off to taste my yummy soupage!!!

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