Jungle Gym!

For the love of Moo ... I could hardly believe this moovelous vision in front of me. I wasn't sure what it was. I wasn't sure of what it was for. One thing that was certain -- I wanted to climb to the top. Just because. It was a lot of hoof work and a digital camera with a self-timer, but I was able to cowmemorate my activity with photos. I will post them all on Facebook later!

When Saltine and I got to the top, we found a little toy ... a little Darnets. Then we knew -- HOLY SPOTS: it was  a cat jungle gym for our cowpals Darnets & Darnette. I could hardly believe that Handsome Harry had built this. Even worse -- I had no idea how to get down. It wasn't pretty but I climbed onto the banister and hopped onto a step. Yikes!

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