Brownie Cow!

Everyone knows how much I loooove my snackage but today I got to BE snackage! I was made an honorary Brownie by Troop 2552 in Oceanside, NY. My cowpal Jillian invited me to come meet her troop and talk about being a toy maker. I was cowpletely excited and a little nervous. Jillian and her cowpals made a game in my honor and served yummy snackage including brownies! The girls shared stories with me -- a lot of them losing teeth; I hope I get teeth one day ... 

I read the Brownies my newest book, "Around the World with Moo" to share my global travels with them. Each of the girls went home with a Liberty Cow and a copy of my Moo York Book. I went home with a certificate, a tshirt and a Brownie pin! I have the pin hanging over my vanity with my Grape Soda pin from UP!

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