2nd Night o'Passover

For the second night of Passover, I was asked to bring snackage. I love to make a cowtribution and there is nothing more loving than making food for your friends and family. Passover is about having sweet treats so I made a fruit platter for all of the skinny cows who are watching their figures that was accowpanied by a Marshmallow & Cream Cheese Dip and a Chocolate Cream Cheese Dip. I thought it would be a nice change from cowcakes -- and you cant eat bread of Passover so it would have been a cowtastrophe to bring a tray of cowcakes! I also made Chocolate covered Matzoh because I thought my cowsins would really enjoy it! I was right -- they loved the Matzoh sticks. As a goof, I brought them in my Christmas tin. I thought it would make everyone laugh -- and it did!!!

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