Snackage by Moo: Cake Pops!

As delicious as my cowcakes are, everyone expects me to make them for holiday meals. I knew that I had to pull out all of the stops to impress my Uncy Rob for Easter. And I knew that only one thing could do that -- Cake Pops!!! I have becowme cowpletely obsessed with the thought of a bite-size piece of cake on a lollipop stick. But outside of Starbucks, I have never seen them. I knew if I busted my hooves, I could whip up something scrumdelish. I made pistachio and red velvet cakes and made little cake balls shaped like eggs. Once they were set in the fridge, I melted chocolate and dipped each cake so it would look like an Easter Egg. Then I spent hours decowrating them. I won't lie -- I'm going to sleep like a little sheep tonight. I wanted to make sure that my presentation was moorific so I dipped Peeps in chocolate to put around the base of my display. I know everyone is going to be super impressed tomorrow! MOORAY!!!

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