Snackage by Moo: Dark Chocolate Cowcakes with Marshmallow Stuffing

My snackage business has been thriving. I looove filling orders. The biggest challenge is to keep coming up with new flavors and options to offer. Today I worked on a new cowcake that I think it quite scrumdelish. Everyone always says that Hostess Cupcakes are delish; I thought I would bust my hooves and see if I could make the same flavors in a fresh cowcake. My cowsins DeeDee and Jessie are coming over today and I thought they would be perfect taste testers. I made my own Mooshmallow Creme and topped half of the cowcakes with it; I dipped the other half in ganache made a swirlie line on them. Just like Hostess! I asked my cowsins twice what they thought of them ... but they were too busy stuffing their pieholes. Verdict -- a new cowcake for my Snackage menu!!!

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