Baba the Fig Tree

Meet the newest addition to my Garden for 2011 -- Baba the Fig Tree! I looove figs and have been lucky enough to sample from my neighbor's tree but I enjoy so many different types of Figgy snackage that I thought having my own tree would be better and more reliable. We bought Brown Turkish figs because they are supposed to the sweetest. So far there are four figgies growing but I hope if I talk to Baba everyday, she will grow to be big and strong. The white stuff around Baba's base is Lime. The man at the Nursery said that the plants looooove Lime. I was excited -- who doesn't like citrus? And maybe Baba and I could have moogaritas ... but the man laughed when I said that. I don't know why it was funny but my spots started to blush. It turns out he meant lime powder for gardens. Who knew?!

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