Dessert Time

The best part of any holiday is dessert time. I couldn't wait to show off my Cake Pop Display; I knew my Auntie Janine would be in heaven with her chocolate cowvered Peeps ESPECIALLY because I left them unwrapped for two days. She likes them a little stale. While my presentation was moovelous, I could tell that someone had hit the cake pops before dessert -- we were missing quite a few; always a good sign!!! My Aunt Janine made me a special cake that looked like a Sandwich. It was so big that I could have slept on it but when I took the first bite, I squealed with joy -- it was stuffed with Nutella!!! Scrumdelish!!! We were only 10 people but we had an embarrassment of desserts -- cookies, cowcakes, pineapple, peeps ... oh my!

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