Bookstore Bliss

What a wonderful mooment --I went to the book store today! Keeper tries to take me every week. I love to read. I find reading so relaxing and I love to pretend that I can go on the adventures too. Sometimes I find a chair and sit for hours trying to figure out which book to take home. It has to be one that I will want to read over and over before bed. Keeper says that buying a book is an "investment" so I have to make a good choice. While I love "I Spy" can anything beat "Dr. Seuss"?


Anonymous said...

This is such a funny and creative blog.

Chili, our cat has been in love with Moo for so many years now and can not wait to meet Moo in person someday. =)

Orion from the Magic Kingdom

Moo said...

Hi Orion! Chili has been one of my BEST pen pals over the years. He always gives me great advice for new adventures. Maybe we could have a date at the Magic Kingdom and get Mickey ears!!! PLS? xo, Moo

Anonymous said...

Moo, did you get a book? Your friend Polly

Moo said...

Yes! I picked "The Giving Tree". I have had my eye on it for a few weeks. I love Shell Silverstein. :), MOO