Boston and Bentonville?

We had dinner at a restaurant called Bostons. It seems so strange to me. I didn't have a map but I knew that Arkansas and Boston weren't close at all. Renee invited her baby sitter Cheyanne and Cheyanne's sister Sierra. A girly date for my send off!

I had ice tea and colored. I love when restaurants give out a craft! What a nice way to pass the time. I had a cheese quesidilla with guacamole. I love guac. So yummy and a great skin mo0isturizer. We ordered so many good dishes. Sierra and Cheyanne had balled meat. It was very interesting. I liked the pasta better.

Dessert was delish!!! Sierra and I shared a pudding cup with oreos and colored worms. I tried to suck up a worm but it got stuck in my snout. It was so rubbery and chewy. Unmoo. How could anyone eat such a thing? The waitress was so nice. She brought us a big, beautiful sundae as a treat. It was bigger than me! How could she know that my birthday is next week?


Dee said...

Moo your keeper sure is a sweet person and sounds like so much fun. Hey moo I can imagine that the worm felt kind of gooey in your snout. Hey Moo guess what I can do. I can touch the inside of my nostril with my tong pretty kool if I ever get worm stuck in my nostril all that I have to do is raise my tong up and watch out worm.

Moo said...

How do you get your tongue in your snout Dee?! That sounds crazy!!!! Thanks for being my cow-pal. :)