I got to Bentonville early in the morning. I was so hungry, I think I could have eaten a horse! Renee is my best friend in Bville. She promised to take me for a special lunch date that would be yummy and a pro-bovine environment. Her Mom was going to drive us! I could harldy believe my eyes as we walked in. Every where I looked there were signs that said "Eat Mor Chikin". There was even a cow mascot. Not a beef patty in sight ... could this be heaven? Renee told me it was "Chik-Filet-A", a safe-haven for cows. MOORAY!!!!!!!!!

Renee and I chated while we shared a nugget meal with waffle fries. So delish. If only all food could be waffled (and served with fudge..... mmmm.... fudge....). We made our fries extra salty. I was allowed to have my own big cow drink to wash it down. What a great way to spend the day. Great first adventure in Arkansas!!!


Anonymous said...

Moo, that is a very big drink! Did you drink all of that?? Love you, Keeper

Moo said...

Yes, Keeper. I was so thirsty! Renee and I made our fries extra salty. They were so good. She would put fries on my snout and I would toss them in the air and catch them!!! Love, Moo :)

P.S. I love the cup and the saying on it. Can we find Chick-fil-a near our house?