Dining Iron Chef Style

Holy Spots!!!! What a great birthday. Everyone made me feel so special! I couldn't stop smiling. Keeper had planned a special lunch party. Sonic, Aunt Becky and Aunt Karen joined us for a meal at Bobby Flay's Bar Americain in NYC. Mooray! I'm a total Iron Chef Girl. The restaurant was so pretty. I made new friends there named Mark and Patrick. They were so kind to me and made sure that we ordered great treats. We had a tasting of three -- lobster and avocado salad, coconut crab and shrimp salad and a shrimp cocktail with a green sauce. Totally delish. The lobster was my favorite -- the avocado was so creamy and you know how I love guac! I ordered tuna tartar for my main course. Mmmm ... soo good. Aunt Becky had oysters. She loves them. She taught me to eat them with my snout. They are so cold. Hello, cocktail sauce is delish! Aunt Karen is a fish-free zone so she ate the other white meat instead of bovine. So appreciated. Keeper ordered a special dessert for us -- the best dessert ever: a toffee bread pudding. It was heaven in my snout. I wish it were in a smaller glass though. The glass was taller than me -- I couldn't eat it by myself. Thank goodness Sonic helped me! Happy Birthday to me!!! Aqua Grill, you are next! Auntie Becky says you have fabulous oysters! Here's to special mooccasions!


Anonymous said...

Moo, youre such a doll face. Im so happy you enjoyed your Bobby Flay bday fiesta! Can you believe those freaks took away our fav dessert? rotten rats!!!!

Moo said...

angela! how nice to hear from you! i always have my best meal dates with you. i love that you make me try new things. why oh why would anyone take away something so very good?! for the love of moo!!!

mookins :)

Nia said...

Good words.