Happy Saturday! One more day until my party. I can't even imagine how it could be any better than my real birthday. That was such a special day for me. We even had a cake at work. Dear Daniel helped me cut it. Lily bought it for me. Wasn't that sweet? It even said 'Happy Birthday Moo' in pink! Hello -- how nice??? It was really rich and delicious tiramisu. I love lady fingers. Thank you Lily. :)

Nanie and Keeper have done a lot of work to prepare for my party. They have decorations, special plates and lots of surprises planned. I can't wait to taste all of the mini treats. Uncle Rob is making a special appetizer with roasted garlic. He is such a good cook. I am hungry ... I wish we had cupcakes. Mmmm ... Keeper and I had a talk today. She told that there will be a lot of things for me to help with on Sunday, and about responsibility. I have be a good "hostess" at the party. I wondered if she meant a twinkie or a ring ding? She said it is a service. That a party is thrown for your guests and you have to make sure that they have a good time. The job of the "hostess" is to show people a good time. I hope I perform well; maybe I should read up on party etiquette. Note to self.

I hope it doesn't rain Sunday. Nok Wood.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you enjoyed your birthday, Moo!

Tiny T and I can't wait to see the pictures from your party... so exciting!

-- Auntie M

Moo said...

Wait until Tiny T sees my party dress! Only 8 hours to go. Xo Auntie M! Love, Moo

Dee said...

Moo the day is not over!! I still have a chance to wish you a Happy Birthday. Well hope that you read this before you are far into cow dreams.
Good night sweet Moo.
xoxoxo Dee

Anonymous said...

I hope your party went well Moo!

- Ruby C. <3

Moo said...

Hi Ruby! We missed you yesterday. I am going to post a couple of pictures from my party. It was soooo much fun!!! I had the best time! xoxo, Moo

Moo said...

Dee, you are soooo sweet. Thanks for remembering me on special day. You are such a good cowpal! I am exhausted from my party; I slept like a log! :), Moo!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday moo!!!

Anonymous said...

Moo happy belated birthday!!
Your party looked like alot of fun!!
Hope you had fun in NJ on the 22nd

Moo said...

Marisa, I had a great time on my NJ adventure! You were a wonderful hostess! And your bovinesafe treats were yummy! I am going to post pictures on my blog tomorrow! Keeper and Handsome Harry were right- those rice balls were scrumdelish!

Next time you invite me, I hope I can go swimming!