Party Moomeries!

Hello Everyone! My party was yesterday and it was better than I could have ever imagined! Keeper and Nanie Bert gave me a beautiful dress to wear. I felt stunning. Handsome Harry gave me a tiara and a birthday girl hat; it had a flower. He loves me so much. :) Keeper and Nanie decorated and made me a small table for my friends and gifts. There were so many of them that Nan had to move them. Everyone was so generous. I am going to have to hustle and send my thank you notes via snail mail asap. Keeper said that an email won't suffice; proper etiquette says to write a thank you card. It will be a long week ... I have a lot of thanks to give.
The food was scrumdelish. Keeper even made a party menu! Uncle Rob made a yummy dip with Pesto and roasted garlic. It was soo creamy. Keeper said that I could only have two because there was a lot more to eat and I shouldn't be a piggy. ... I hope Uncly Rob makes this again for me. My snout was garlicly all day; it tasted yummy. There was so much food. It was all so tiny. I was able to eat all by myself. Harrie HipHo and Lara Lobster sat at my table with me. Keeper and Handsome Harry treated me a Carvel cake. Mooray. It was CAKE BATTER!!! Jessica picked it out. She always knows exactly what I like. ... She remembered the vanilla ice cream cups. And, I got lots of cards and gifts. I could hardly believe it. It warmed my heart ... I felt so loved. Not because I got lots of stuff, but because so many people came or sent me their best wishes. I can't wait to eat the stick in the Fun Dip!
Thank You to all of my guests for a lovely day. I love you all very much. XXOO, Moo
P.S. I will post more pictures tomorrow. Nighty night!!!


Anonymous said...

so so funny..we love you Moo....

Chili Peppers, and Orion

Moo said...

Oh, Orion, I love you too. I wish Chili would email me about a playdate in the Magic Kingdom. I really want Mickey ears. I think I would be a great Moouseketeer.
All my spots, Moo * smooch *

Anonymous said...

Moo, your party dress is so pretty. You looked like a princess! I am having Mommy put a little dress on me today, so that I can look like a princess just like you.

-- Tiny T

Moo said...

Hi Tiny T! Thank you for your kind words. I'm so glad that you liked my dress.What color was yours?

Truth be told, I'm a shoe cow!


Dee said...

Moo, I love the pic's and enjoyed viewing them. It looks like you had a great party and wow so, so many goodies to eat. Wish I was there.


Moo said...

I would have loved that Dee! Maybe you will be free for a summer bbq! Handsome Harry rules the grill!