More party pics. HipHo is one of my best friends. She really understands me. We always laugh a lot. We like all of the same foods -- including cupcakes!!! HipHo's parents have a pond!! I love to take a swim with my sweet HipHo! Hip, hip, HipHO!!! Lara is another special friend. She and I go way back. We met at the Vineyard two years ago and have been buddies ever since. Lara helped me open my gifties. I loved my cowsin Karen's gift -- she gave me grass! I hope it cleansed my breathe after all of that garlic ....


Anonymous said...

Hey Moo!
I love your pictures, they're very cute. Wow, grass seems like a very great present you got there. =) I'm glad you had fun.

-- Ruby C.

Moo said...

Hi Ruby! You were out so late! Did you have a party? Or go a club? Maybe one day we can go out and bust a hoof. Wait till you see my other gifts. I got pjs, sunglasses, beach gear, 3 months of cheese of the month club, a dress and a baby doll! I won't lie - my grass was tasty. I ate it all.


Jamie Catan said...

Hi Mr Moo!!
I have a restion, if you get rel, rel hungwee and sinse the obster is red and cooked, would he be a good fwind and let you eat him?
who would you share him with?

Moo said...

Hi Jamie! Thanks for visiting my blog! Lara Lobster is one of my best girlfriends. And a girlfriend should be forever! I would never eat her, but I love to eat her people. It is only fair since so many people eat cow - and do it in front of me! I love to share with my Keeper and Handsome Harry.

Come back and visit soon! Maybe we can be cow pals!