Keeper's Birthday!

Today is my Keeper's Birthday. Handsome Harry helped me make Keeper breakfast in bed. I made waffles! Keeper likes to dunk her waffles in syrup so I put it in a little bowl. We made her a MooLatte and put a flower on the tray. She was so happy. Then we all watched cartoons in bed. I love The Jetsons and the Flintstones! Later in the day we had dinner and cake at Nan's house. I helped pick out the cake. Jessica gave me advice -- she is a Carvel expert. We agreed on Keeper's favorite -- Fat-Free Pistacho (no nuts) with chocolate cookie crumbs and fudge with FF Chocolate. So delish. Keeper let me help her cut the cake! I was so excited to be her helper!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey MOO!
Happy Birthday to your Keeper! =)
and on your previous blog: I wasn't out late, lol I just like to stay online at like 3 AM.
Anyways, take care now Moo. <3

--Ruby C.

Moo said...

Thanks Ruby! We had two birthday cakes in a week. Mooray!!!

I miss you. I will come see you soon. I like to stay up late too. I watch TV and eat popcorn!!! I really would like to go to a club tho ...

Moo :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Kepper! Two birthday cakes in one week is cow-riffic for your family!

But we think that Moo is too little to go clubbing. Someone might miss her on the dance floor, and step on a hoof! We want Moo to stay safe.

-- Auntie M & Tiny T

Moo said...

Oh Auntie M, I would only go on teen night! Cowsin Dee Dee goes and dances up a storm. I will only drink ginger ale and wear a nice dress. I just want to bust a hoof all night long with my pals! Is that so wrong?!

Can Tiny T boogie?


Dee said...

Oh no Moo, I am so sad that I did not wish Keeper a Happy BDay. Tell Keeper that she is always in my heart. I have been so busy and caught up with so much stuff that I don't know how I get from one place to another. I love Keeper and wish her so many years of happiness.

xoxoxo to you both

Moo said...

You are a peach! I will tell her, Dee. Keeper will be so happy! She misses you but is also really busy. Keeper says that friendship isn't measured by quantity but quality. You will have plenty of dates soon. She works hard and takes such good care of me and Harry ... I need a lot of love. Keeper even holds my hoof until I fall asleep. I love her so much. I must go give her a kiss!