Last night I had a sleep over at cowsins Dee Dee and Jessie's house. I had never had a sleepover at their house. Mooray -- a new adventure! I packed my best pjs and my bunny slippers. We had so much fun. We played video games and watched a moovie. Jessie had a lot of ideas for my next scrapbook. We are going to craft today. Jessie said that I can do her hair; I am thinking an up-do ... Aunt Janine made Mexican for dinner. She makes the best taquitos. Uncle Rob made Mexican Cocoa with ice cream. It was so rich and creamy. What a special treat. After dinner we played Monopoly Here and Now. I bought so many cool properties. I knew I would have a moonopoly in no time. I can't wait to put Hotels on Disneyland! I also bought Hollywood and Broadway. I will be an entertainment queen!

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