Crayola Mooments

Today it is very hot weather in NY again; over 95 degrees! I really wanted to go to the beach and show off my new mookini but Keeper says that I must stay in the airconditioning or I could have a heat-stroke! It sounds very scary. ... If I had to be home, I wanted to do something that would be utterly enjoyable.

I love to color. I find it to be relaxing and I can really destress. I really feel as if I can express myself when I have a crayon in my hoof. The 64 pack is my fav -- so many color choices. I can make the perfect picture! Today I am only making pictures for my Aunt Pam. She always saves my artwork; maybe one day we can make a gallery in her office. She travels a lot and I like to send her cheer. I love to make her smile and laugh; her eyes twinkle and they are so blue ... just like my spots!!!


Dee said...

Moo, Keeper is so right. The city was a terrible place to be in. Breathing was no fun.
The beach sounded good but once again keeper is right, the sun was not a good friend today especially to a young Moo like you.
Stay cool and listen to keeper. Tell Keeper for me that I want to see your drawings.


Moo said...

I am praying for and 85 degree day. Crabby told me how to make a sand castle. I can't wait to try! It was nice inside. I was even a little chilly!

I would to show you my arts & crafts. I love to paint! We need to make a playdate! XO, Moo!