Hotel Chocolates

I have been traveling like crazy over the last week. Keeper has taken me on so many mini adventures. I have had some great playdates and made new friends. My favorite part of traveling is staying in hotels. Sometimes Keeper and I take really long trips. I love to stay in nice hotels with turndown service. Every night when we come back to our hotel room there is a piece of chocolate on our pillows! I'm not sure how it gets there; I really hadn't thought to ask. Maybe it is a Chocolate Fairy! Either way, I like to save up all of my pieces so I can eat them all in my bed on the last night before we go home. I guess that makes me a little piggy but I don't care!

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Anonymous said...

I think it is very good of you to save your chocolate for something special, Moo. You are a very practical little cow.

-- Auntie M