Cockpit Cow

Holy Spots! What a moomentus day. Last night Keeper and I were on a flight home from Tampa. We were delayed for three hours due to an electrical storm. We were on JetBlue so at least we had TV. I watched the Cowmedy Channel and Food Network. I saw a delish snack recipe that Keeper can make for us ... While we waited the pilot let all of the kids take a photo in the cockpit. I waited on line. I was so excited. I pretended to move the levers. I totally think I would be a great cow-pilot!


Anonymous said...

How did you manage to get into a cockpit? I thought that passangers are not allowed in the cockpit area post-9/11. Was I wrong? Your cousin Tiny T is hoping that she can go inside a cockpit, too, hoow that she knows you did.

-- Auntie M

Moo said...

Auntie, it was my second time getting cocked! I had an adventure with northwest airlines too! They gave me my wings! I really think that the JetBlue pilot liked me. He said I was an extra special cow because my spots are blue. He let me wear his pilots hat! I was allowed to assist the flight attendants give out water and blue chips during our delay! I love to help and I got to meet so many people. What an experience.
PS - tell T to call me and I'll share all of my travel tips!