Cruising for the Week

Wow! Keeper gave me a great surprise -- she took me on a cruise!!! I am so excited. I have never been on a boat before. This should be a moorific adventure. I am hoping that we get to go to the beach and play at the pool. The boat is so big; I will be exploring for days! What a treat. :)

My favorite thing on Day 1 so far has been the yummy pineapple drinks that are served in a coconut head! I hope we can take the coconut home ...


Anonymous said...

Where you cruising to cutie pie?
I love your hat!

- Lynn

Moo said...

Hiya Lynn! I went to Barbados, St Lucia and Aruba. It was so much fun. Keeper bought me the hat so that my spots wouldn't burn. I love getting new accessories.

Come back and visit soon Lynn so we can be cowpals!