Dining Cruise Style

What a mooriffic adventure! I am enjoying the cruise so much. It is really helping me destress from work. Keeper looks peaceful too. She really needed a vacation. So far we have been to the Bahamas and Antigua. Today we are going to St. Lucia. It is supposed to be an island with my surprises. So exciting. My favorite thing is that I can walk around the boat all day and into the evening by myself! My favorite time of day is the morning. The boat is so quiet. I like to have my tea at the bar near the pool. It is so pretty and relaxing. And the best part is that I have my towel so I can jump in after teatime!

There are kids everywhere and I made some new friends at dinner last night. They invited me to go the Teen Club tonight!! I love the dinners. I
had a seascallop appetizer and eggplant parm. It was delish but way too big for me. Keeper cut up my portion and then I shared the rest. Sharing is caring and caring is FUN!!! More from the boat!

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