Cruise Completed

One more day until our cruise is over. I have had so much fun! I met so many people; and made new friends! Tommy the Tiger was so sweet. It was as if we had known each other forever. We sat at the pool together for hours and watched the swimmers. Although I felt safe and secure while we cownoodled, when he asked for my digits, I thought it was safer to take his instead. This cruise was such an experience -- I saw some of the islands -- Barbados was my favorite beach. We saw a huge rainbow in St. Lucia! I went to the Kid's Club at night -- we played Limbo and busted our mooves!!! I can't wait to tell Danielle -- I used all of the dance mooves she taught me! I even got to blog on the ship every day while Keeper worked in the business center. Even though I'm on an adventure, I have to keep up with my email! Harrie Hippo and Lara Lobster would have been great cowpanions for this trip, especially since they only served lobster once. They served cow every single night. It was vile. All in all, I am ready to go home. Keeper and I miss Handsome Harry madly. I can't wait tell him about my adventures over some cute little pancakes!


Anonymous said...

Moo, I am proud of you for keeping up with your business email during your trip. That was very responsible of you! And you were right to protect your phone number, a girl can't be too safe.

-- Auntie M

Moo said...

Yes, Auntie. Keeper says to practice safety first. Tho he bwas a nice boy, I don't know where his paws have been.