A Long Day's Night

What a day. I won't lie -- I'm beat. My hooves are arching. All I can think about is a hot stone moosage and a hoovicure within the next 24 hours. Moving is tough! I had no idea that there is so much to do. And I have so many boxes to unpack. I set up my vanity; I can't wait to sit and glamoorize. Even though I'm pooped, I couldn't wait to show off my new room. I love it!!! By the way -- how cute is my bed??? Handsome Harry built it for me so I could have a nice place to rest my hooves! Keeper and I are going to buy bedding tomorrow! Mooray! Thank you, Harry! XOXO

Thank you to my Keeper for posting this picture once I go to bed. I love living in FARMingdale!!!


Anonymous said...

moo, you have so many boxes! do you really need all of those things?
:), jessie

Moo said...

jessie, of course i need my things. i am a girl after all!


Dee said...

Moo I forgot that you moved to a big house. By now you are all settled in.
How do you like your new home?
I bet you are having fun exploring and finding places to hide when your friends go to visit.

Do you have an attic? is it spooky?

When I come to visit you I am going to bring one of my little friends so that you can play while keeper and I chat.

Moo said...

Dee, that would be great. You can never have too many friends! I love to have guests -- Keeper makes snacks and I love snacks in my snout.

I am still working on my room. There is so much to do. I want to hang pictures of my cowsins.