European Mooments

One of the best parts of my European adventure is that I got to experience new things. We went to lots of museums and went for walks every day called "tours". The colors were so rich everywhere I looked -- just like living in a Crayola box! My favorite picture is above; I had no idea what this contraption was; Aunt Dee said that it was the way people made calls before mooble phones. Crazy -- who hoofs around with change? Aunt Dee took me for scrumdelish meals every day. I definitely put on a few pounds in my horns! As much fun as I had, I won't lie -- I missed my Keeper and Handsome Harry terribly. I could barely finish my desserts! What a fabulous way to spend two weeks. Thanks Aunt Dee. I love you so much. XOXO


Anonymous said...

I am sorry for not posting these past few weeks, Moo!

I am glad you enjoyed Europe, but you really shouldn't climb on things like this. You may fall and scratch a hoof.

-- Auntie M

Moo said...

Hi Auntie M!
How is California? How is baby T? I am starting to update my blog more; maybe T can start a blog. I was really careful in Europe. Aunt Dee Dee took great care of me. And, she got my macaroni every day. I love my roni!!!