Mad about Martha's

I couldn't wait to get up this morning and start our Vineyard vacay but it rained! There was no beach to be had. What could we do? Shannon, Mary Beth and I took a drive around town. We passed Dippin' Donuts and got some java and cruellers. The line was long; Shannon told me that everyone goes to Dippin to be seen. I kept my eyes peeled for celebs. After we went to The Black Dog store and did some serious shopping. I love the Black Dog logo. Maybe one day there will be a stores with a Blue Cow Logo ... a bovine can dream, can't she? I wanted to buy some vacay treats for my family and friends. Mary Beth said that I bought out the store! Shannon treated me to a Martha's Vineyard Staple -- ice cream at Mad Martha's! The line was long but so worth the wait! Mary Beth said that we should order the special -- a bowl of 12 assorted scoops!!! We had sprinkles, oreos, M&Ms and sugar cones. Even with my gal-pals, we could barely make a dent in it!

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