Sharing is Caring!

Tonight we had a big group dinner. I love the family environment. Handsome Harry said it was a very special trip because it was Baby Wallace's first summer vacay in the Vineyard. I thought that maybe I should make a nice gesture to Baby Wallace; I decided to introduce him to Murdick's Fudge. What better way to show him that I can than to share my favorite snack with him? How delish. I waited while the man made the fresh fudge. After all, everyone knows that fresh fudge is the best fudge. I selected the Chocolate Walnut because Handsome Harry said it was the best and he knows everything there is know about good food. The ladies in the store were so nice to me. They packed up all of my snacks in a big bag -- I got plenty for everyone. Thank goodness that I had enough mooney!


Anonymous said...

Moo, I am glad you are having so much fun at the Vineyard! And your Black Dog tank is quite cute.

-- Auntie M

Danielle said...

Wow Moo ! I'm so glad you had fun ! I miss you & can't wait to see you !!

Moo said...

Auntie M, thank you for your kind words! i actually got another Black Dog dress in cowpaflauge. I feel so trendy when I wear it!!!

-- Moo, XOX

Moo said...

Hi Danielle!
I miss you too. Are you coming to play with me on Sunday? We have to talk about your birthday!!! It will be here before you know it!!