Mooving Up

Holy Spots! Keeper and Handsome Harry told me that they had to have a big talk with me this afternoon. I got so nervous; I really hoped that I wasn't in trouble ... I could feel my spots start to turn yellow! Keeper said that it was GOOD news -- they bought a big house! At first I couldn't hear anything they were saying. I just put on my best smile, but all I could think about was what would happen to me? Would I have to go back to CowTown? Did they not want me anymore? How could this possibly be good news? I started to get very emootional ... It turns out that they want me to move with them! I was so relieved and so happy. I love my Keepers and I would miss them so much if they weren't in my life. Get this -- I am getting my own room!!! For the love of Moo! How can life get any better than this? I am going to need to do some shopping for room decor! I know it will take me days but I am going to have to start packing up my stuff! Mooray! I'm getting my own room!!!

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