Party in NJ

What a weekend! We were invited to a big party in New Jersey. Mooray -- I actually got my own invite!!! Our friend Marisa said that I was a special guest! I won't lie: there probably was a lot of stuff to do there but I went for the noshes! Everyone says that Marisa is a great cook. I brought my appetite. Her rice balls are so moist and delish. She makes them tiny so that I can eat them. I was so full though; I could only eat a half. After I took a rest by the pool. It was soooo hot; I could feel my spots scorching. Marisa covered me with a damp towel so I would stay cool.

The best part of the meal was dessert. Marisa made homemade sorbet!!! It was looked soooo delish. I couldn't wait to taste the mango. Thank goodness Danielle held my ice for me; it was freezing to touch but oh so delish! I hope Marisa and Michelle let me come back to visit really soon. New Jersey is fun!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had fun! I like homemade sorbet, too. My favorite flavor is banana.

-- Auntie M

Danielle said...

I'll hold your ice for you anytime ! I had so much fun & you know I need to borrow your moo-kini ! Love it !

Moo said...

Auntie M,
Thank you for coming to my blog. You are a peach! Banana sounds yummy. Marisa made Mango, Strawberry and Lemon. Really delish. Keeper couldn't have any because of her allergy to Strawberry; it was so sad.


Moo said...

You are a true friend! My hooves would be freezing, freezing if I held that ice. I will try to eat faster next time so we can get back in the pool!

Glad you like my new mookini. I got it in Mexico at Wal-mart! I will glady share -- it even has a top!


Anonymous said...

Hi Moo,
I'm so happy you were at the party! and I'm glad you liked the sorbet!! can't wait to see you soon!!!