West Coast Moomeries

Today I went through one of my favorite scrapbooks. I found a picture from one of my first adventures -- I went to Los Angeles with Aunt Karen and my Keeper! We were like total rock stars driving around in our Mustang convertible ... I could feel the wind blow through my horns. We drove down Rodeo Drive and Hollywood Boulevard. The best part was that they took me to Disneyland!!! Keeper got me Mickey Ears. I felt like a Disney Princess!

We went on rides all day long. I loved the Magic Kingdom. Before we ended the day, I waited on line to rub Aladdin's Lamp. Keeper said that some lucky people had their wishes granted. I thought hard and long to make the perfect wish. So many things ran through my mind ... I hope I wake the magic genie!


Anonymous said...

What did you wish for?

Moo said...

Hi Launa.
I wish I could tell you. I really do. But my Keeper said that my wish won't come true unless I keep it close to my heart. I'm sorry!

But, if it comes true, I will definitely let you know!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Moo. Where do you keep your moomeries?
:0), Katey

Moo said...

You are a silly cow. I keep my best moomeries in my heart and my photos in my scrapbooks!!!