An Apple a Day

Today we went on an apple adventure! Keeper and Cowsin Jessie took me apple picking! What a moorific way to spend a fall day! The sun was so bright and warm. I got to wear my new pink jacket and my Nike hoof protectors. I was totally on trend and got some exercise!

I had so much fun! We go a wagon to so we could pick lots of apples ... I loved climbing in the trees. It was a little scary at first but I have really good balance with all of my hooves. I couldn't wait to bite into an apple on the tree. Jessie said that would be so much fun -- she was right!!!! I ate so many apples; Red Delishous is my fav. I picked a special one to take home with me and sat and waited for Keeper to come find me while I sat in the sun thinking of pie ...


Dee said...

Hey Moo,

It sure has been long since I last wrote you.

Apple picking how fun. What a beautiful day too,
You look like you were having lots of fun. Did keeper make apple pie?

Moo said...

Hiya Dee! It was a great adventure. I love climbing. It was fun. I had apples for snack everyday this week. Keeper made them for me with peanut butter and Handsome Harry made a warm bowl of caramel for my apple snack. He is a peach!

Dee said...

Sounds soooo yummy. You sure are lucky.