Grape and Wine, How Sublime!

Today we went for a drive to Greenport, NY to visit a vineyard with our friends. This was another first adventure for me -- Mooray! It was a long drive. I took a lil siesta in the car and when I work up, we had arrived! There were trees and grapes every place I looked. It was so pretty. There was a lot of walking to do; I'm so glad that I packed my hoof protectors. dI loved noshing on grapes while they were still on the vine. What a treat. Keeper let me try wine too! I tasted three types of reds. Sooooo yummy. I think I like the Merlots and Cabernet Sauvignons the best. I ate cracker in between each wine to clear my tastebuds. I won't lie -- I was a lil bit tipsy!
Luckily, they served cheese and crackers so I could have a little snack. I had the giggles. I hope that we can do this again soon. I think Sonic would love to go for a tasting of white wines. Sonic loves the whites. I haven't had an adventure with Sonic in a long time. Sadness ... I will have to give her a ring tomorrow on her moobile! :)


Anonymous said...

Moo!! You've discovered one of my favorite spots! Which vinyard was your fav?? Pindor is pretty good, and they give free flights as I recall. Next time, invite your best pal Sonic, she's a total Jesus Juice drinker!

Moo said...

Hi Sonic! We must do a Jesus Juice date soon! Maybe we can get a cheese platter!!! Please come play at my house soon; I love when you play in my room with me.

All my spots,