Shampoo for Moo

Today I went to Brooklyn for a horn trimming. I love to go to my Aunt Janine's salon. One day I want to dye my spots pink; fun! My favorite part is when I get my horns washed and conditioned. It makes my ears tingle! I feel like a totally sublime bovine. Thanks Auntie!


Dee said...

Moo when I go to the salon I love to get my hair washed and love when they scrubs hard.

My hair is getting long. I was curly like for two months and this week I blew my hair straight and wow my hair is so long .

I like playing with my hair. I have different extensions so sometimes I make my hair look really long. The best part is when people get fooled cause when I put on my extensions they look so much like my hair that people can't believe that those extensions are not my hair. I am going to send keeper picture so that you can see.

Hey maybe I can due your horns, I can put extensions on them.

talk to you soon.

xoxoxo Dee

Moo said...

Hi Dee. I wore a wig for Halloween. It was totally fabulous. I loved having long hair but it was hot in there. I think I like doing the nake best.

I bet your hair looks moorific! xoxo