Happy Birthday Breanna!

Today my cowsin Breanna came over to celebrate her 4th birthday! I'm so excited that she is letting me share her birthday with her. It is our first time since she was a tiny calf!!! I wanted to make yummy snackage to celebrate with. I used my Keeper's new cupcake tray; it makes one JUMBO cowcake!!! It was moovelous. I made a pink top and a yellow bottom because that is Brea's favorite. And I made a jumbo Oreo cake with my special new pans!!! It was scrumdelish. I was really proud of my hard work but even happier when I saw Breanna smile. Because as we all know, sharing is caring and caring is fun!!!

When we wake up tomoorrow we are going to the only breakfast establishment suited for a birthday girl -- IHOP!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Casual concurrence

ana said...

Happy Birthday Breanna!I wish you a Happy New Year!